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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing best practices for practitioners involves all of the following except

Instructions and Help about best practices for practitioners involves all of the following except

Music hey everyone it's keno here thanks for joining me on this ashtanga yoga second serious journey this class is all about the leg behind the head poses that crescendo of the deep spinal flexion that allows you to get your legs behind your head in a deep external rotation let's have some fun on this journey close your eyes come to a comfortable seated position Music gently that your hands rest down so the journey of opening the hips begins all the way back in the primary series and really builds to that crescendo of primary series soup Tacoma sauna where with the teachers assist you can end up with both legs behind your head after many many years of practice as you move into the intermediate series we start off with putting your own legs behind your head through a deep external rotation of the hip joints when you begin to move into these poses you've just finished and transitioned out of the back bends of the intermediate series bring the energy up the spine as you're looking at placing both legs behind your head you're starting off by flexing the spine and rotating the pelvis under which gives space to the hip joints to externally rotate then your energy can travel up the spine and as your leg eventually presses behind your neck or behind the head you press back up into it and then a little bit like downward pressure as soon as that downward pressure is released energy travels up the spine and really expands outward so this is something that really makes a big change and how you inhabit the space of the body because as the hips open you go through a process of deep intimacy with all of those empty spaces inside of the pelvis inside of the pelvis and inside of the hips you often find a reservoir of deep-seated emotions so sometimes the emotional journey of opening the hips is as intense as the physical journey you can rush it so if the hips aren't open you have to simply accept remain a quantum as' and just wait for your hips to gently calmly open we'll start off with a Kapaa tushy or sha stand on one foot behind the head and in order to prepare for a Kapadia sher shah's and we're gonna use the pigeon pose to simply allow the movement to really get opened deep inside of the hip joints so I want you to come to a cross-legged position and then just be aware of the external rotation of the hip joints then let's bring the feet together and then just drop the knees in towards each other so this basic movement of your knees pointing out to the side and then your knees pointing back together that's pretty much what we're looking for in the hip joints just getting a little bit more roll deep in the ball and socket of the hip joint.