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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing what are potential irs sanctions for providing false statements to or misleading the irs?

Instructions and Help about what are potential irs sanctions for providing false statements to or misleading the irs?

Conventional wisdom says that when you get married you will save lots of money but in some cases that is not true in this video we are gonna be talking about the marriage tax penalty and how because of the way the tax code is structured married people can actually end up paying more in taxes I'm Joseph and this is Tasha from one big happy today we are talking about just federal taxes and the marriage penalty there people pay taxes in a lot of different ways state taxes local taxes real estate sales tax sometimes their taxes built into things you find you don't even know your bank but today just federal taxes because that's usually the biggest one or at least one of the biggest ones all right so let's talk about how federal income taxes work federal income taxes are a what's known as a progressive tax that means the more money you make the more money you end up paying in taxes in theory we have marginal tax rates that means that a certain bracket of money say from zero to ten thousand dollars you get taxed at say ten percent and then any dollar you make above ten thousand is taxed at a higher rate so from $10,001 all the way up to say twenty thousand dollars you might get taxed at 15% lots of people think that if you make more money that you'll you'll definitely pay more in taxes on on everything because you'll hit a higher tax bracket well it's just on that additional dollar so it's bracket by bracket and don't get confused that if you get into a higher tax bracket oh you're gonna owe way way more money no it's just on that additional dollar into that bracket this is a breakdown of the current tax and the different options for filing now there is one more married filing separately but that's exactly half the married rates we didn't include that here so what this chart shows you if you look across you'll see let's look at the 25% tax bracket you get into that tax bracket at 37,000 if you're single 50,000 for a head of household and 75,000 for married so what that generally looks like is that you can make more money without being taxed at 25 percent if you're married or head of head of household versus being single but now let's look at how the married tax brackets compared to a single + single filer so two single people filing separately but living together or a head of household plus a single person filing so basically what these are are two unmarried couples what their taxes would look like and their tax burden would look like compared to a married couple this is the married bracket it's exactly what we showed you in the chart before for a married couple this is the single plus single tax bracket so exactly two times.