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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing how many years does a cpa have to keep client records

Instructions and Help about how many years does a cpa have to keep client records

Good morning everybody or good afternoon wherever you might be my name is Michelle Wong and I'm really glad to have you joining me today today we're going to be talking about using QuickBooks client data review save time cleaning up files so this is something I think a lot of us can use we've got a lot of people who are listening live and yes this will be recorded because it's a sold-out webinar in other words not everybody's going to get in but several people will be able to watch the recording later first of all I want to go ahead and start with a really quick poll question just to see how familiar you are with polls or what hardwood pulp what's the CDR or client data review so how familiar are you with client data review have you heard of it before have you never heard of it and you used it kind of where you at with client data review so if you could take a minute go ahead into that question we still have attendees who are joining us a little bit late but we're very glad to have you so go ahead and take a second to answer that poll question while we're waiting for everybody to to get logged in and join us here today again I will be recording it and glad to have you all here with us while you're answering that poll question I'm going to go ahead and look at the QA room somebody's having computer problems I'm sorry to hear that Jill you might log out and log back in if you're having some computer problems if you are joining us with an iPad or a tablet today you can't answer the poll question so you're not going to be able T to participate in the polls and Jill says she's in good good to have you here I see a lot of names that I recognize on the attendee list thank you guys for joining us I'm glad to have you here and we've got quite a few of you voting still have people trickling in to join us but I'm going to go ahead and close that poll and share those results with you let's see share there we go you should be able to see the results now and so you can see 56% of you have heard of client data review or CDR but you haven't really used it another third of you have used it a little bit so very good we get 10% who have never heard it was good I'm I have you here today to learn more about client data review because it's something that really can help save you a lot of time first of all a little quick introduction for myself again my name is Michelle Wong I'm the owner of long for success and I've got a few products that are available out there one.