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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing According to treasury department circular 230 a practitioner may

Instructions and Help about According to treasury department circular 230 a practitioner may

A warning this morning from the Michigan Department of Treasury about a new scam making the rounds it suggests the federal government will pay for your outstanding state tax or other debts as a part of the scam groups hold seminars telling people to use routing numbers from two US Department of Treasury bureaus and their social security numbers to resolve the debts you can find out if you have any outstanding state debt by calling the Treasury Department's Office of collections we've included the number to their office on the web version of the story at Fox 47 news.com.


What grade do I have to be in to fill out my fafsa? May I do it as a sophomore? If yes, how do I do it?
If you mean a sophomore in college, then yes, absolutely! You lost the chance for financial aid last year, but don’t lose it again this year • complete your FAFSA right away.If you mean a sophomore in high school, then there’s not really any point to completing your FAFSA yet. Each year’s FAFSA is good for one academic year. If you won’t be attending college (having graduated high school prior) in the 2016–17 academic year, there’s not much point in completing the 2016–17 FAFSA. If you want an idea of what your FAFSA results might be like in a couple years, try the FAFSA4caster.
I have an idea, which according to me may turn out to be a big one. It's related to IT & I don't know how to code. How should I find a reliable coder?
I believe the definition of Reliable is kinda vague in this context.If by reliable you mean someone who wouldn’t take your idea and develop as his/her own, I think that most of us coders are good-hearted and wouldn’t want to do such an thing to anyone. But being on a safe side, you could apply for a patent or present your idea at some pitching events like Irshad Mehmood mentioned.And if what you meant was someone who can start working on your idea with a minimum guarantee that he/she can finish it, I guess you could look at the leader boards of some popular coding challenges. Or you could go to some hackathon relevant to your idea and present your idea there. You may be able to find a coder who would love to work with your idea. Just saying.Also, if you’re okay with creating it yourself, it’s not that difficult to code once you put your heart into it. You only need a lot of patience. Here’s an image that depicts Instagram’s story. Good luck. :)
Has Trump correctly identified that maintaining his grip on political power may be the best way to keep himself out of the slammer, since a sitting president cannot, according to current Justice Department doctrine, be indicted?
The scenario you suggest is so far removed from reality that I can only marvel at the powers of certain media and celebrity propagandists in having convinced an embarrassing number of people of certain complete untruths with regard to Trump, his presidency, and his supporters.People who believe that Trump is a racist, misogynistic, homophobic and Islamophobic psycho, in threat of being imminently charged with a variety of crimes up to and including treason, whose nefarious dealings are aided by his similarly-compromised family and his half-witted, Nazi racist supporters only believe that because it has been generally the main narrative of the news media, with the exception of Fox News and certain other less-well-knowns, since 2022. A person who has not had the time or inclination to investigate the claims they hear every night on the news, among other places, can be forgiven for their assumption that if it’s on the news, it must have some truth in it or it wouldn’t be on there. Unfortunately, they’re wrong, but having been in their shoes myself years ago, I understand.The thing is, folks, it’s not true, none of it. Trump is none of those things, and his supporters are also none of those things. You’ve been the target of an orchestrated effort—-literally coordinated between those who’ve been dishing it out—-to demonize and discredit Trump in any way possible, from the moment he won the Presidency. This is the reaction of certain people when they lose an election. I guess you could say they are the textbook example of sore losers. That’s one aspect of it. The other is that a fair number of people were looking forward to a President Hillary Clinton, some for reasons of personal profit, and others because of potentially criminal or at least unethical actions of theirs which would not come to light under a Clinton administration.The problem of Trump being elected instead took these people by surprise, comically so in some cases. There are entire videos on YouTube simply of the reactions of the talking heads on TV as Trump won one state after another in a landslide that rolled over the Democrat machine like a bulldozer over an anthill. The next day was like the worst hangover of all their lives. As Rachel Maddow on MSNBC put it: “This isn’t a nightmare, you haven’t died and you’re not in Hell. This is it, this is your life now.” She’s describing the election of President Trump. Has anyone in their lives ever heard people on a “news” program refer to the election of a President in such a way? Since that night, all the coverage has been the same.So I can’t blame you for your question, because I think you are innocent but ignorant. Ignorance has been thrust upon you and jammed down your throat by a biased, corrupt media machine and a bunch of Hollywood celebrities who feel it’s their job to tell you what to think and who to like and how to say things in the politically correct way. They’re a mess. They’ve created chaos, they’ve lied on a daily basis about the president and everything to do with him, but most of all they’ve insulted every American with their nasty accusations, their hysterical and stupid narrative which makes everyone a “racist,” or a “Nazi,” when they plainly have no idea of the definitions of these words or even a single logical argument to back up any of these contentions. It’s mindless name-calling and attempting to drown out anyone disagreeing with them. It has demonized a large part of the country, an amazing number of people, for the last three years calling them every name imaginable, the latest term of art being “white nationalist.” I never knew it was something bad, to be white and patriotic at the same time, but it is to these folks. Their current program is to get the term “white nationalist” synonymous with “Nazi” or “Ku Kluxer” in people’s minds, this is what they do to their political opponents—-that and more. Fortunately for them, the existence of the phrase “white supremacist” sounds alike to “white nationalist,” and despite most people never having met a real white supremacist in all their lives, there being maybe 17 of them in the country, they accept the premise being put forth by the news media that somehow now, white people who like to chant “USA” and wave the flag are the equivalent of the Gestapo and they would be delighted to round up all the “brown people” and put them in cages. It’s the most disgusting bunch of bilge ever said in public using audio and video, and we are truly living in very significant, historic times.My advice to you is, for your own sake, do not believe these people. They are the fake news, and they are very much the enemy of the people because they lie to you straight up on the nightly news, with no shame, for political reasons. It’s wrong, it’s terrible, and it’s really happening. Listen to what Trump says, not what people tell you he said. It’s all crap. There is not one single shred of evidence of anything, literally anything, they have been saying for about three years. I can only hope you will believe your own eyes and ears from now on, because you will see I am telling you the truth. It’s very important, in fact, that you do realize this because a corrupt media is a very destructive thing, and destruction they have brought but they have been unable to bring down Trump because they’re lying. The people on CNN, MSNBC, and their ilk have no problem doing so. There are plenty of people who can demonstrate the truth of what I am saying to you, and explain the reasons and methods of the liars chapter and verse, you have only to seek out voices from what you now see as the “other side.” If you know someone on the right, go see them because you need to take the red pill, my friend, if you have any respect for truth. Truth, you will not often find among what is called the Left, Democrats, Progressives, social justice warriors, and the politically correct. They’re frauds, they say things which they believe will advance their agenda without regard to truth, and in their desire to keep convincing everyone of the crap they put out, they strive to censor anyone who says things like what I’m saying. They can’t defend themselves, so they seek to eliminate their accusers. Dissenting voices are character-assassinated or removed from social media platforms.Know the truth, and it really will make you free. You’ll know the truth when you finally hear it, I think, because you’ve actually always known it. But these folks bring a lot of pressure to bear on people. They intimidate. It’s a bitch. But that’s all they have: they got nothing. It’s all just crap. Check it out for yourself—-I did.
A gas is filled in a vessel at 300K. To what temperature should it be heated in order that 1/3 of the gas may escape out of the vessel? How would you explain each step?
Any gas or vapor, by definition, is NOT held together due to its own inter-molecular forces of attraction, which is the case for liquids and solids. Therefore, it must always be stored in gas tight closed containers. If any leak exists, by the process of thermal diffusion, it will escape to outside, no matter what may be the differences of pressure or temperature between the inside and the outside.The size of leak and the pressure difference (including the influence of any difference in temperature and concentration) will decide the rate of the said (inter) diffusion. The time of say one third of the gas escaping from an open vessel may be a few seconds to weeks, depending upon operating parameters, e.g., the difference in densities, the orientation and the size of the opening, etc.Interestingly, even a lighter (than the surrounding air) density gas will diffuse out through any opening in the bottom of the vessel. Likewise, a higher density gas will diffuse out through any opening at the top of the vessel. The molecules of all gases are constantly and randomly moving with velocities of hundreds of meter per sec, even at ambient temperatures. That explains these peculiar properties of gases.
How do I fill out the N-600 certificate of citizenship application if you already received a US passport from the state department and returned your Greencard as the questions seem to assume one is still on immigrant status?
In order to file N-600 to apply for a Certificate of Citizenship, you must already be a US citizen beforehand. (The same is true to apply for a US passport • you must already be a US citizen beforehand.) Whether you applied for a passport already is irrelevant, it is normal for a US citizen to apply for a US passport, applying for a passport never affects your immigration status, as you must already have been a US citizen before you applied for a passport.The form’s questions are indeed worded poorly. Just interpret the question to be asking about your status before you became a citizen, because otherwise the question would make no sense, as an applicant of N-600 must already be a US citizen at the time of filing the application.(By the way, why are you wasting more than a thousand dollars to apply for a Certificate of Citizenship anyway? It basically doesn’t serve any proof of citizenship purposes that a US passport doesn’t already serve as.)
Startup I am no longer working with is requesting that I fill out a 2022 w9 form. Is this standard, could someone please prany insight as to why a startup may be doing this and how would I go about handling it?
It appears that the company may be trying to reclassify you as an independent contractor rather than an employee.Based on the information provided, it appears that such reclassification (a) would be a violation of applicable law by the employer and (b) potentially could be disadvantageous for you (e.g., depriving you of unemployment compensation if you are fired without cause).The most prudent approach would be to retain a lawyer who represents employees in employment matters.In any event, it appears that you would be justified in refusing to complete and sign the W-9, telling the company that there is no business or legal reason for you to do so.Edit: After the foregoing answer was written, the OP added Q details concerning restricted stock repurchase being the reason for the W-9 request. As a result, the foregoing answer appears to be  irrelevant. However, I will leave it, for now, in case Q details are changed yet again in a way that reestablishes the answer's relevance.
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