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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing circular 230 2021

Instructions and Help about circular 230 2021

Okay well we're live now my name is Gary Leroy I'm the principal for taxpro easy I've been an educator for adult studies for the last really last two decades and teach mainly at the Graduate in the undergraduate level several years ago I began teaching tax courses and we held a boot camp several boot camps last year that proved to be very beneficial for our students and this year we're proud to partner with climb you'll notice my logo and Glines logo in the lower right hand corner and as I mentioned earlier to some people that were on the the air earlier we've partnered to climb for a number of reasons first of all they take an educational approach to the the content that they're presenting and the second thing is their technology is far superior to anybody else's technology that I've been able to observe and you're going to see a little bit more of that as we go in as Alexander Graham who has joined us with climb comes in and kind of kind of guides us through the the climb talk and the the climb you which is the the portal that we use for the for our online ei boot camps the other thing that that really attracted me to climb was their flexibility because everyone doesn't need help in all three parts of the enrolled agent exam and so we have the flexibility to offer it on a part by part basis and you'll see that as we go through this material as we talk about it a little bit more so let's go ahead and get started we're looking at your pathway to the enrolled agent license and the enrolled agent is a very unique in endorsement a very unique licensing approach there are some new practices restrictions that went into play the January 1st of this year too we're only unenrolled only unenrolled prepares who record a record of completion for the the tax year under the AFS P and all of you that are on this call we're part of the ESA f SP database and so there are some restrictions though that still apply to those you can represent people that you if you've done their taxes as long as you continue to be an AF SP certificate holder however when you move into the realm of being being a an enrolled agent a lot more opens up to you as we stay here unenrolled prepares may represent taxpayers only before revenue agents customer service representatives are similar officers and employees of the Internal Revenue Service that includes tax payer advocate but only during an examination of the taxable year of the period that's covered by the tax returns that they prepare and sign in other words if somebody came into your tax office and said I need help with this return I did it on TurboTax or somebody else did it for me and I can't.