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Instructions and Help about irs tax practitioner

Hi I'm Tom Swan a enrolled agent I i'm going to talk here in this section about IRS audit selection I'm one of the preparer that was around when the audit system was developed to the fine process that it is today many years ago they used to do what we call or they called TC MP taxpayer compliance measurement programme where an unfortunate few people could have every line and every deduction every scrap of income analyzed so that the program would have accurate data for determining what is too much in the way of deduction and from that they developed a program called diff scoring di F would stand for discriminant function scoring so that they could pick out of the mass who would be most likely to achieve additional revenue on audits it's quite an interesting experience today they've got a much more refined they use what we call it CP 2021 program that that sends letters to people whose files don't match what the IRS has they raise a lot of money that way incidentally they're not always right so make sure you read them right I have covered that in another program that I did here for expert village and further what I found is is the under the modern system I that little bell goes off in my head with some of the more aggressive prepares and you can almost tell who they're going to pick and they do a pretty good job of it so if you're keeping the records and doing the best you can your audit probability is very slim because it's down to about a very most two percent of taxpayer so keep it honest and keep good records thank you Tom schwate.