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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing circular 230 authorized tax preparer to sign

Instructions and Help about circular 230 authorized tax preparer to sign

Get your attention we have to put in 50 minutes worth of educational materials or we're just not going to get the one hour of credit so I'm going to get going so that we can get people out of here by 11:00 just a couple of preliminary things those people who are on the wheelchairs and the really nice stone flooring please behave it's really easy for the chairs to just move all over the place I tried it anybody who has not signed in would you please sign your name and if you want Clee credit I need your but stay power number if you don't want to see any credit for ethics then we just don't need it I think Kathy needs to sign in yeah this is the circular 230 uh seminar and please ask questions at any time during during the seminar it's it's not going to bother us we do have a circular 230 committee which is made up of David Weller myself and Chris Schmidt if you you know you can ask any one of us you know what we'll all be participating during this the seminar one thing that I did I thought maybe I should just start this off with a joke because circular 230 s is pretty dry so I ran on the internet and I googled it jokes you know circular 230 IRS nothing nobody would even attempt to make a joke about this so I think you're unfortunately in for a fairly dry seminar but at least it'll be educational so with that we'll get going as I said it's a circular 230 seminar what is circular 230 well the circular 230 is technically a set of regulations that are issued by the Department of Treasury and as a practical matter it's their rules for anybody who is practicing before the the IRS and what I have to emphasize is it's it's their rules for anybody that they think is practicing before the IRS and we'll get into that in a little bit more detail what the IRS thinks is someone practicing before the IRS is not quite the same as what the federal courts are considering the OPR the Office of Professional Responsibility is the entity that administers and enforces this I'm probably just going to refer to it as the IRS all the time just because it's easier for me to say that but actually if somebody comes knocking at your door it will be the OPR the Office of Professional Responsibility well somehow this got out of sync I think so we get to that one later basically I'm going to talk to you first about the history of circular 230 and the circular 230 has been around since 1966 it I'm going to try and give an idea of how we got to where we are today in 1966 nobody really paid attention to the circuit 230 because it just really wasn't even.