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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing irs circular 230 disclosure

Instructions and Help about irs circular 230 disclosure

Now let me start with a baseline question ken what other standards that govern the behavior of conduct for tax professionals well there are several standards that do govern behavior conduct uh the IRS has issued circular 230 which is what their standards are and then Mike on the AICPA has their code of conduct which will say how the CPAs going to behave not just in tax but in all practices but it certainly includes tax and then they also have separate standards on for tax practitioners and and also the state boards of Accountancy have have standards obviously they're the ultimate who governed the CPA license for the most part they will adhere to they will expect CPAs to adhere to standards in a profession and in the case of a tax practice the standards of the profession are the AICPA and the circular 230 of the IRS it's interesting that you mentioned circular 230 ken whatever we've discussed that guidance on this program in the past it was almost always in relation to positions taken on income tax returns to what extent has the IRS extended that circular and expand that it's guidance in recent years last year the IRS came across with some more updated standards on the circular 230 they were concerned a lot about the the nature of the practitioners and what the practice of what was doing and they want to give not only more guidance but they also want to expand the guidance as to what practitioners needed to know and what their responsibilities were having gone as far as they went the AICPA even goes further in some cases there were you know tax practitioners in general is one class of preparers but we also have non CPAs and non professionals preparing and the a CPA believes that the professionals need a higher standard and so with the their code of conduct has expanded in areas such as fees and conflicts of interest confidentiality in terms of information and and the responsibilities of CPAs go wee beyond what the IRS expects of tax preparers.