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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Circular 230 disclaimer 2022

Instructions and Help about Circular 230 disclaimer 2022

In this presentation we will take a look at the circular 230 an important document for tax preparers that can be found on the IRS website at irs.gov for more accounting information and accounting courses visit our website at accounting instruction dot info the circular 230 sets forth rules which must be followed by all paid tax preparers so if we are a paid tax preparer we need to be familiar with the circular 230 in other words if we're filing our own taxes this isn't applicable or at least not as applicable to us we may still want to take a look at it in case we're getting guidance and help with I do recommend getting guidance and help with the taxes if we are being a paid preparer however then this will definitely apply and we'd want to be familiar with the circular 230 know where to find it IRS gov and be familiar with it it includes ethical standards and expectations and this is going to be important we need to have some guidance in terms of what do we do and what do we not do as tax preparers because we are subject and we do have the ability to use and see some personal information how can we use that personal information what's the proper way to use it within the profession of tax preparation here are just a few rules a few takeaways paid preparers need to sign all tax returns they prepare the IRS is going to be concerned with who's doing the preparation so they want to know not only whose taxes they are but if there was a paid preparer who the pay preparer is so we have to actually have the signature authorization from the pay preparer as well as the tax preparer pra copy to the clients so a lot of the stuff is going to be filed at this time but of course we still need to prthe client that copy and remember that when the IRS is going to ask a question if there's an audit they're gonna go to the client and so they they of course are if the clients gonna need you know the information in order to answer the questions so we want to make sure that we prthat information to the client get authorization in order to do any type of file and filing returned records to the client this is the case even if we are in a situation where we don't complete the return or something like that something happened and you know we still these are the clients data so we want to make sure that we don't get in a situation where we're going to be holding on to the information until something happens like we get paid or something like that we're gonna have to return the client data their records to the client we have exercise due diligence and best practices that.

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